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  1. Porky.
    Alright, well when you have the money, just message me if you're still interested :D
  2. Porky.
    Well how much were you thinking? Cuz I don't really have a price tag for it in my mind so whatever seems like a fair trade to you
  3. Porky.
    It's the 250GB Slim. I also have quite a few games I can throw in there for ya
  4. Porky.
    Are you still looking for an Xbox? I really don't want mind anymore, barely play it and could go back to that incomplete offer we had going on lol
  5. maxumym
    Games workshop will fucking die when 3D printing becomes cheaper and more precise.
  6. Reds
    When 3D printers get cheaper and more efficient it's going to be a golden age of scratch-building.
  7. Reds
    Sometimes they come with unique weapons or interesting stuff but yeah, it's not worth it if you paint or don't live in Japan.
  8. Reds
    Also Alraekinn bought three White Dingos GM Snipers a while back despite already owning one. He paid $40 for each. That's called dedication. And here I am not buying it because if I want one I'll just paint it.
  9. Reds
    Speaking of paint, I've finally manned up and gotten all of my supplies except for a mask so I can't actually prime anything yet.
  10. Reds
    The prices at my store that sells gunpla sucks. Their pricing is nonsensical and seemingly sorted by how thick the box is, the X Maoh would cost me $35 and a GM 1 would cost $30, but I could get a Jesta for $30 and an AGE kit for 22. I checked in to see how much the Amazing Booster costs, since that thing is actually really modular and you can do a ton of things with it such as Gundam Maxter-style boxing gloves, and it was $15 just for the booster. Fuck that, says I.

    I hear Gundooms are actually pretty decent.
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