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  1. ChadMcGoatMan
  2. !LORD M!
    Ty ty, I try to do my best. I appreciate it.
  3. .Vel
    The process of how I interact with the game in the video telegraphs what I was thinking pretty well. I swapped weapons to cancel the reload, figured that i'd die anyways since the pull out animation was too long, and just threw my awp in defeat. I leaned back, thinking "well fug" and accepted my fate.

    Then, the planets aligned and heaven itself called upon me. God granted me life, for a second time. I was given the ability to retaliate, and I damn well took it.

    You can see my surprise in the situation when I sit there idle for a second when I block the first shot, before I start shooting back.
  4. Mining Bill
    is it better
  5. Mining Bill
    you know you like it babe

    you wanna touch it, don't you
  6. Mining Bill
    finally i am a member of the illustrious few, the poop-colored users
  7. Squad1993
    If you havent played the Mass Effect series, please do. You wont regret it
  8. Devodiere
    Doing it tonight. Gonna go with a Budweiser though because nothing says American Freedom more than top market share and shit taste.
  9. Saturn V
    episode combat jack or somethin

    person is performing a combat jack but he gets interrupted (hopefully as he cums)

    also he is me

    im person
  10. UncleJimmema


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