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  1. _Axel
    There aren't a lot of those anymore sadly :/
  2. Killjoy
    Basically, it's gonna be a warm Winter as always I imagine. I'm 18 inbetween HS and college so right now living the teen scene for a little longer than I'd hoped. There's a cool little joint kinda hidden in town where everyone goes to swing dance, mostly teens. It's pretty cool. The extent of my Pensacola experience revolves around my friends and my gf, cus im not even remotely from here, and ive only been here less than 2 years.
  3. J!NX
    your a p 👌👌👌 poster yourself

    stay cool mate
  4. BlackMageMari
    Terrifying, since I know some nice people from the States and its disintegration reflects some terrifying forces in our world.
  5. Killjoy
    Oh cool, you're really close then.
  6. Killjoy
    Do you live in Pensacola? I live here, just cool to see another Facepunch member who could be nearby.
  7. Big Bang
    Well, I'm safe now. I'm still not fully settled, but I don't think I'll have to come back for a long while.
  8. code_thrax
    I appreciate it, man! Yeah, I don't like my ban history. lol
  9. Novangel
    The hell is that
  10. Big Bang
    Thank you.


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