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  1. J!NX
    a guy named rex who is into hardcore incest and huskies
  2. Samwiseganja420
  3. Key_in_skillee
    I don't have it anymore
  4. Dr. Gestapo
    no, not yet
  5. A Smaller God
    no? idk who that is. my avatar is from a comic.
  6. Emperor Scorpious II
  7. Code3Response
    I try not to argue something I know I cant win. Many people on here now go "You're a cop" because of my title, but thats just the beginning of it. We are all humans and because of that, we have the ability to form our own opinions, and argue for them. I just happen to like forming my opinions based on science, facts, and personal experience. Again. Walking that line between well-spoken and arrogant.
  8. Code3Response
    Theres a fine line between being well-spoken and arrogant, and I dont want to cross it. This may sound weird, but how do you find that I'm well spoken. I dont even consider myself well spoken for the position im in. I'm always trying to learn something more, something new, something that others dont.
  9. Code3Response
    How so?
  10. Shadaez
    what did I do :(


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