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  1. mcharest
    Your avatar...It's alive...

  2. nVidia
    Sure thing m8.
  3. IceGT_
    your loggins blinked and it made me jump
  4. Tudd
    Thanks! Things are getting less tense on here so I am happy about that.
  5. FunnyStarRunner
    give her the danger zone
  6. Goberfish
    We were (a few months late cause of a few concerned ministers), but the only times we see USD and GBP in everyday life is when we buy from overseas.

    We have a CPI here as well, where officials talk about baskets as well, but it is also somewhat measured against pretty much all goods and services that would make sense like health care, alcohol & tobacco, furniture, appliances, so-on.
  7. Goberfish
    Australia is a lot like the USA. We both have what are called fiat currencies (currencies that aren't tied to anything else, such as gold or chickens) that are backed by the federal government and are issued by a central bank.

    Our equivalent of the Federal Reserve is called the Reserve Bank of Australia.

    Do you have any specific questions on how the Australian dollar works?
  8. HumanAbyss
    I mean you're free to believe that marijuana is a highly addictive, lung destroying drug, it's just not that well supported to be honest. Yeah, you can link a bunch of articles. I didn't bother linking mine because this is a stupid argument that ultimately, I don't even understand why a republican would want to have.

    The evidence that shows marijauana is harmful, shows it to be less harmful than a popular drug known as "alcohol" that most people consume, and some even die from. but again, I don't even know why one would argue for continued prohibition
  9. dewd11
    m ̵a r k
  10. GhillieBacca
    "Pot smoking is addictive, kills lungs, and is illegal. Get over it."

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