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  1. Mifil
    Won't argue with that. Prinz Eugen is better though.
  2. Mifil
    My Bismarck is better, you fake one!
  3. Keychain
  4. Sally
    bismack and cheese
  5. Janus Vesta
    Normally I'm a pretty good poster (I would like to think, anyway) because I tend to rewrite my posts multiple times to remove any aggressive intonations, or things which could be inferred as aggressive. Sometimes however I get ticked off and just act like an asshole, I try to keep it to a minimum and most of the time I catch myself before I post something, but that day in particular I just didn't even try. I was banned in another thread for being an asshole that day too. The thing is I don't even know why I was being such a dick, because outside of FP I was having a great day.
  6. GoldenDargon
    Das ist ein herrliches Schiff avatar Sie Sir haben !
  7. Otterman
    hey mine isn't sitting at the bottom of the sea now is it
  8. JgcxCub

    how does bismarck feel about going down on her first mission
  9. JgcxCub
    you can praise me more. :3c
  10. JgcxCub
    thats rich coming from the sister of notorious loli prinz eugen!!!!!
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