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  1. Ammnontet
    2 bald 2 fruits
  2. Jojje
    best corp ceo pays me do$h for bagloads of scav crap xoxo
  3. Rika-chan
  4. W_alex
  5. Animosus
    Never said i wasnt racist, im saying that im racist towards a particular group of people that are always seen, by everyone in a very, very bad light
  6. Animosus
    lets say you have met someone in a new religion, you have never heard of it before and they act like a complete retard, or take allot of drugs smoke etc. That would be your first impression yes?

    This being your first impression on them you might start to think, what if everyone is like this?

    Now what im saying is that, a majority of the aboriginals here are unemployed, thats not just my views, that is a legit statistic for where i live. All of the ones you see on the street are either on something, obnoxious, have a smoke in one hand and a beer or some form of alcohol in there other hand. Wouldnt you be a tad hateful to the people that are wasting texpayer dollars becuase of the fact they are too lazy to get themselves a job?

    You need to see what happens, to actually know my reasoning behind my racism. Remeber, im not racist to every black person, in fact one of my best friends is indeed black. Im racist towards a small bunch of people, that was seen in a very bad light all
  7. Animosus
    Nope im basing this on experience from the people i have seen here in western australia, after living here my whole life.
  8. Animosus
    with regarding the racism, its the fact that all or the aboriginals here, are nearly always drunks, on drugs, about 80-90% of the crime is done by the aboriginals.

    They live off working peoples money through welfare and the one you see on the street are either drunk, on drugs, both or just trying to pick fights with everyone. Its not just, as you said "A black person pushed me off something"
  9. Zombie man70
    Fuck of DarkendSky. These are his last few days on facepunch.
  10. Zee Captain
    Actually I was following him. Can you believe it? That facepunch does not revolve around him? that there is actually a chance that a user could just be viewing a popular thread and found his post? Woah I can't believe that was possible until it happen. Also you wanna know why I rated his posts dumb? It was because they were fucking stupid. Stop worshiping him, hell you are properly is him in a alt.

    Also stop slurping his cock please. Also you are the one who caused this argument so why would you try to pretend you are the mature guy in here. I never even seen you until now.

    Fuck off.


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