I'm halving my usage of math each week.. but, apparently I'll never be able to quit.

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  1. FalconKrunch
    erected missile
  2. Zonesylvania
    If it's minor it's probably some kind of outlier value imo, hell they don't even agree on how much quantifies as monocytosis in general, though what's currently accepted is 950/microliter. Don't worry too much about it.
  3. mdeceiver79
    i was p reactionary as kid ( up to age 16ish ) but I've had economically left views since 15+ and started getting pretty liberal (regarding surveillance, drugs, personal liberties, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, less gov interference) from about 17+.

    I used to be more left wing than now (year or 3 ago) now I'm p centre left.

    I had a soft stance toward russia in ukraine (which in hindsight was probably wrong) and I have a fairly soft stance on Assad.

    I'm also not entirely enamoured by unlimited free speech which some lefties will say thats a righty thing and some righties will say is a lefty thing.

    Don't think I've ever (non ironically) been particularly right wing on facepunch since I joined when I was 21ish, long after my reactionary phase. I've had others say they thought I was conservative also, not entirely sure why. I suspect its the Russia/Assad thing.

  4. Tudd
    Hmmm, I am trying to imagine what you might wanna listen to. Let me try to categorize what I recommend.

    One that is quite interesting is The Western Front with Kraut&Tea and Naked Ape. Watching a moderate European skeptic and a staunch conservative American talk about current issues in a wacky manner is something I find interesting.

    I also personally recommend Jordan Peterson's channel or his Bite Sized Philosophy channel for some non-podcast stuff.

    Then I listen to Steven Crowder as a guilty pleasure, and it might not be your thing, but there is a good one interviewing Pogo from Australia that I recommend you check out. His stuff is daily atleast so I always have something to listen to.

    Then if you need something more liberal/moderate: Dave Rubin, Tim Pool, and Joe Rogan are great and make daily amounts of content.
  5. Mezzokoko
  6. Headhumpy
    BREAKING: Online Forum Taken Over By ISIS Radicals
  7. snookypookums
    Okay, Mr. Mod Sir.
  8. snookypookums
    Because I'm bored at work (killing time on my notice period before I move to Canada ) and this is stuff I find interesting.
  9. mdeceiver79
    gentle rockets, start your engines
  10. Zonesylvania
    thanks bb
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