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  1. HetsuProcyon
    Can't wait until the day windows 8 usage is pushed and people will finally realize there's nothing wrong with it. It's newer, has bigger compatibility and works.
  2. HetsuProcyon
    I don't understand why people hate it in the first place, it's just another version of windows with improved features and a different start menu. A lot of the time I reckon it's just people going by other's opinions and not actually having a go with it their self.
  3. Tmaxx
    I love it, i've watched it 3 times through. I feel that the characters are so well fleshed out and i connect with them.
  4. Tmaxx
    BSG is my favorite show of all time. It's my wall paper, ringtone, i have a model galactica and viper, and i furiously fap to kara.
  5. Zillamatic
    Unfortunately not, I wish had those guitar-dancing skills. He's in a band called Vulfpeck
  6. Zillamatic
    Got one now!
  7. Zillamatic
    Yeah! I need one but I can never decide, so it just stays blank
  8. Zillamatic
    sexy avatar
  9. Adamhully
    I like your avatar. It nice.
  10. eurocracy
    You have 5 real options, 4 are youtubers

    SuperVVwalrus is a new tutorial guy but he's young and his voice will make you want to kill yourself.

    Ktrinh93 is popular and his tutorials are pretty good, but anything that is not a trick tutorial is a lot of bullshit (he started a myth that using lighter pens makes you spin better).

    Eso is my recommendation, his tutorials are harder to find and old, but they're what a lot of the pros today learned from.

    Lastly, shoeman6 made like over 100 tutorials in a month if you can find his channel.

    Aside from youtube videos, there is the site penspinningonline that is german run but is in English. it has a lot of concise, good tutorials and the guy that ran it was both a film student and extremely pro spinner.
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