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  1. Reagy
    nop just got picked, dogmod likes me
  2. Jackpody
    It's all coming back now, had to make sure it was you :D Doing well here, hope you are doing well too
  3. Jackpody
    For some reason, I think I remember you from BiM. Did we play jailbreak together at some point?
  4. Omilinon
  5. Vodkavia
    Good job at keeping the same avatar for a really long time
  6. FlakTheMighty
    Check the OP, I'm towards the middle.
  7. Arc Nova
    I have, check the Gold Members forums. we're playing soon
  8. Arc Nova
    get on zombie master
  9. TheFilmSlacker
    Dwight has REALLY stepped up. He's basically one of the big main characters now, I mean, he's the face of Rick's military. I just always saw him as Negan's right hand man before who never got much development. I never thought I'd be interested in him, but I really like the direction they took with him. I just hope give RICK more to do in the coming months.

    I like pretty much all the redesigned character looks after the time jump, though. Jesus had a bit more of an over-the-top one, but I got used to it pretty quick. I fucking love Andrea's wild west look and Carl with glasses had a neat look to it, even if he doesn't wear them anymore. Rick took some getting used to, but obviously it's grown on me (see avatar), and I think something big is going to happen soon. Big enough that it could change the way the people in the safe zone live. I just don't know what it's going to be yet.

    Fingers crossed the hilltop doesn't catch fire...
  10. TheFilmSlacker
    As far as I know, he's fine. The only reason I'm saying Glenn+Abraham is because they haven't been seen on set since episode 1, and I doubt they wouldn't use either of them for eight episodes...

    I'll check out FTWD soon, though.
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