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  1. frozensoda
    whatever dude you are scratching at nothing. I copied the title of the thread from the article and I've already told you that five times so just fuck off and stop harassing me. I don't know why it's your responsibility to check up on my thread titles anyway, if you have a problem with it contact the news agency because I always copy/paste the titles. You are clearly just trying to troll because you're completely ignoring the things I say and just repeating yourself over and over. Get a fucking life.
  2. frozensoda
    way to not even click the link there bud. When I posted the article is was news that was just a few minutes old, it was the first article about it. I copied the title word for word from the article, before [I]anyone[/I] who hadn't seen it for themselves new that wasn't the whole story. Why are you and milkandcooki so fucking obsessive about me? What do you get out of it? Are you trying to throw me into rage or something?

    You guys act so morally superior when the worst thing I've done is make a joke you didn't like, you obsessively stalk and harass people who have different views than you do. I really think you ought to get some help for that mate cause it's not healthy. Just leave me alone from now on, you're just being a fucking asshole and nothing else. I don't even have bigoted views, point your shitcannon somewhere else.
  3. tropsical
    greeting bottle guy,,

    thx this very nice compliment
    you are best also !!

    thanks,, tropsical guy
  4. Zet
    are best served with murders.
  5. Purple Robot
    sure whatever
  8. postal
    thx 4 the cash <333

    (and thanks for buying shit for the postal devs as well)
  9. {TFS} Rock Su
    You are a great person c:
  10. nigerianprince
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