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  1. B!N4RY
    Where is your avatar form?
  2. Fish Muffin
    welding is actually very fun and mig welding is very easy. i would recommend that you take just a basic course on it since its such a useful skill to have, especially if you are going into fabrication.
  3. Fish Muffin
    cool welding avatar, i was just doing that a few hours ago. that is a mig welder, which feeds charged wire through a gun. when it gets near the metal you are welding, it creates a short circuit, heats up, and then melts off. the haze in the gif is the electric arc going from the energized wire to the negatively charged work material. it has nothing to do with soldering or a propane torch, as you said earlier. soldering is completely different.
  4. Zonesylvania
    Your avatar is pretty hypnotic.
  5. darth-veger
    Nearly deleted your marker as i thought you were making a joke that you live in Iceland
  6. kamikaze470
    I'll slap your chaika if you know what I mean
  7. JimJam707
    your avatar is quite hypnotic
  8. Mr. Someguy
    The link you posted in the KF announcement takes you to page 2, might wanna fix it to avoid minor confusion.
  9. Trunten
    how about not caring about random ratings on a random web site from random members.
    yea, it may suck whenever Valve has downtime... so just go do something else until it's back again.
    I don't see the point whining about it on some random website, as if complaining is going to help.
    funny how no one complains when butthurter or robertto or marphy black have more obvious troll ratings.
    to be honest, I find the whole ratings feature overly abused in my opinion anyway.
    also, I'm not here to attack or troll you. since you asked me a question, I came to answer it.
  10. Ninja Gnome
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