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  1. Tudd
    You got some strong ass first comment skillz I can tell.
  2. greeley
    Lol, its funny to come back and see you haven't changed from your childish ways.
  4. Vodkavia
    Try "going outside" of the corner you walked yourself into. gl bcus trying to pretty up being A-OK with discrimination/persecution based on political beliefs is a toughy. Fuck who are some guys who believed in that? 樂 Not even trying though is a good enough admission of guilt.
  5. Vodkavia
    I challenge you to really cash the checks your posts write.

    There is no way you are not an utter hypocrite judging by that recent one, ESPECIALLY considering the target of your hate boner.
  6. Vodkavia
    I'm going to ask you here to stop posting in any thread even barely tangentially related to communism because of how misinformed and nakedly petty garbage your posts have been.

    Blanket calling people commies, (even though they're not) supporting an unconstitutional ban on CPUSA on the flimsy justification of hur dur commie opression in Vietnam (even though the ban predates the conflict by a decade and is targetted at a unrelated political party) cus gotta get them brownie points.

    I'm not posting this as a communist or a sympathizer, I'm neither, but because you should stop guzzling your own koolaid because your running gag got old months ago.
  7. mdeceiver79
    you seem highly strung, chill
  8. HeavyGuy
    A true hero to all toxxers
  9. Pezgod1
  10. NeverGoWest
    Wolves are my spirit animal too so I have a tribal obligation to defend wolves with lethal force.
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