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  1. Bradyns
    You crazy, crazy, man.
  2. Badballer
    Also build up your LinkedIn because some firms do look at your profile a lot before hiring, I think PwC even use it to head hunt. I don't use LinkedIn, find it a waste of time haha. Maybe one day.

    Don't count out government as a place to start out your career. I'm a grad in a big gov agency and the support and opportunities I receive are amazing, and the people are frankly much less narcissistic. Plus pay and hours are much better.

    Best of luck mate.
  3. Badballer
    Shit that' a big load. It's probably better to graduate later anyway, employment will pick up by then. Honestly all I can say is get some internships under your belt so you build up a good resume and have scenarios you can relate to in interviews. Internships and relevant experience on your resume will count for so much more than good marks. The big 4 are good places to intern at because you don't have many responsibilities and they organise breakfasts and drinks quite a lot (but tbh I didn't want to work there as a grad since I didn't like the working culture too much). Even if you don't get some internships in management or tax accounting, or even accounting in general, it's not that big of a deal because diversity in skills are still relevant.
  4. Badballer
    Hey man before we take that thread more off-topic, just wanna wish you luck on your studies! you seem like you'll be fine anyway. job hunting atm or have u found something? I know its been getting harder as of recent
  5. Jagur
    please stop posting at least in the slayed reporter thread
  6. WarriorWounds
    pretty much an ignorant shitposter
  7. adam1172
    I keep on forgetting.

    Do you live near Newcastle?
  8. J$ Psychotic
    No one answered you in the lifting megathread about how low you should go for squats so here goes

    If you're going below parallel you are doing them perfectly. There is no such thing as too low. People who stay 30 degrees above parallel are not squatting correctly.
  9. Bradyns
    You're pretty cool.
  10. StrawberryClock
    What does your avatar say, its aliased as fuck.
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