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  1. SirDavid255
    u r hot :::::::::)
  2. Blazyd
    guess you won't be using this account anymore?
  3. -n3o-
    Hi, okay bye c:
  4. Tobin
    That "test" was a test to see if you would rate it dumb.

    I don't get it, man.
  5. Tobin
    Seriously dog, what the hell have you got against me?
  6. TheFilmSlacker
    I'm just messing with you, man. You're pretty cool. :)
  7. Tobin
    What have you got against me, man?
  8. Tobin

  9. Mister Sandman
    Here's some tips/more advice:
    Crock pots are incredible. Get one ASAP, and learn how to use it. You can practically quadruple your food-money by cooking with it.
    Coastal bases are pretty sweet. It's nice having a wall pretty much built for you.
    Flooring and walls may seem rather frivolous, and that's because, well, they are. Walls much less so. Nonetheless, I'd suggest building them because they really give your base a base feel. They make you feel like you're progressing and establishing yourself, rather than just having some random camp on dirt.
    The best way to bait rabbits is to not use bait at all. Make a bunch of traps, and place them right above to a hole. As the rabbit comes out, it'll be trapped.
    This one isn't necessary, but it's still super cool. I haven't had the opportunity, but gathering fireflies can make a great light source for your base, and provide a fantastic looking ambient effect.
    Check it out
  10. Mister Sandman
    I'll post my advice here, since I'm not sure if it's been so long as to consider that post in the thread a bump or not:
    Find more boulders. There is a rock biome where these are found in large numbers. You're not going to get very far if you don't have an alchemy engine.
    Get a stable, close source of meat. Winter seems to be coming soon, and you'll be needing meat, as crops will cease growing.
    Stockpile shit. As I said, winter is coming. Everything that grows is going to be growing slowly or not at all, so have plenty of saplings, grass, and above all else, wood.
    Craft winter gear. Beefalo hats are the best.
    Gather silk, and make a top hat. Your sanity will be draining, and you're going to need to recover it. Don't let yourself be caught in a difficult battle against losing your sanity during the winter, as I so often do, because that shit is going to be intensely difficult.
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