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  1. piggycan99
    do you wanna have a round of fistycuffs mate
  2. piggycan99
    ur gay teehee ex dee
  3. gnampf
    Sounds great! I was looking for someone to voice a customer for the next short and I thought I'd hit you up if you were still interested :V
  4. gnampf
    Yo! How's the voice acting demo going?
  5. HumanAbyss
    Well that's cool then but I try to make thoughtful posts and some people feel I do some feel I don't.

    I actually take things far less personally than it appears but saying that doesn't change how people feel so I don't care much anymore. I hardly make an issue in every thread so that's nothing but exaggerating.

    But awesome. Have a good one, everyone has opinions on everyone else but I'm not trying to start drama places. Other people are but I'll still be the one to take the heat. If you still are curious just look at monkah and the lurkers posts on my wall there. I harbour no ill will but yet I'm the guy with anger issues? I let things lie but I have issues? I mean I admit I work on myself constantly but cmon. I'm done trying to even convince you.
  6. HumanAbyss
    What are you talking about dude? Do you see monkahs posts?

    I accept I'm not the best poster. I'm working on it. You have some severe arrogance to think you're the sole one with self awareness. I accept my issues. I'm working on them. I am not a victim, but I'm sick of other people here trying to push me around. What insight into me do you think you have? Even when I tone my posts down to not be angry, you say literally every thread is filled with that. So be honest
  7. HumanAbyss
    No, it doesn't. You can say it does, but it doesn't. Regardless, I'm working on it, are the people who harrass me going to get any friendly prompts from you to be better people? Probably not. But somehow, i'm the shithead? That's a pretty hard bar for me to ever pass for you, so I don't really care to. I'm working on myself. That's all there is to it.
  8. HumanAbyss
    I accept that. I'm trying. I'm not nearly as worked up as you imagine. But then shit like this happens
  9. Sir_takeslot
    I see you're after bane as well.
  10. gnampf
    Sounds like dynamite! And if you know any girls who have good mics let me know because I'm looking for another one and all that stuff.
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