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  1. Rents
    The way you look you're qualified for next year's old age pension!
  2. Egon Spengler
    Didn't I have you added on Steam at one point?
    You don't seem to be on my friends list anymore.
    It's fine though since at the same time we never really talked to each other much to begin with :(
  3. Corndog Ninja

    you're the real mvp
  4. The_Marine
    hello homosexual i will fuck yo'ure up now hahaahhaah
  5. Nickolas
    Second best britbong of the year 2014
  6. Dermock
    devo is pro if anyone tells you otherwise kick em in the dick
  7. Mister Sandman
    Didn't really come from anything, I was registering for Facepunch and was like "What sounds cool?" and thought of the name Mister Sandman. Dunno if I was naming it after the song, probably was, but yeah, not much behind it.
  8. doommarine23
    Stupid is as Stupid Does
  9. doommarine23
    You know actually, I apologize. My comment came off as way more smartass and condesending than I realize.
  10. junker154
    It's from the official music of the song "Last Cup Of Sorrow" by the band "Faith No More", it's a parody of the Hitchcook movie "Vertigo". The guy you see in the avatar is Mike Patton which is a well known musician with a lot of talent.
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