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  1. Zukriuchen
    eu to jogando dota 2 na conta de um amigo, na verdade (jogam mais 2 pessoas nessa conta), então sei lá, né. eles não jogam nessa conta durante a semana, então acho que dá certo, sim, a não ser que você queira jogar sábado ou domingo.

    se quiser add nessa conta do meu amigo, é [url=]essa aqui[/url]
    (pelo menos eu penso que seja pelo dota 2 que você queira me adicionar, se for pelo TF2 out sei lá mais o que, então a minha conta é [url=]essa[/url] mesmo)
  2. Oicani Gonzales
  3. Sir Psycho Sexy
    Alright I've got it in place to cast, but I should warn you I've got another two to cast before getting to yours and I've got a fair amount of work on at uni right now so, just letting you know it could be a while before its up.
  4. Sir Psycho Sexy
    Yeah, that's me. Got a replay you want casting?
  5. Shostakovich
    Get on steam please
  6. Oicani Gonzales
    dota 2
  7. Craftsman
    We're going in, Inacio has been found out as a gay traitor. We're neutralizing the asset and moving on.
  8. Craftsman
    We're sending in a deep-strike team, sir! Be ready for backup in 2, Private Cat out!
  9. Dwragon82997
    Sorry if I accidently misled you. I just saw the headline for this and I thought it was an official release.

    Somehow he ported it I guess.
  10. Aurora93
    i gave it some additive chromatic abberation firstly and added a bit of a blurry glow and then i resampled it to make the edges less sharp. i also shifted and skewed a few horizontal strips of pixels. the rest was saving jpeg compressed versions and overlaying them over the PSD (even sometimes resizing the JPEG versions) in various layer modes. i also erased random bits with grunge brushes a few times using low-opacity grunge brushes (generally ones big enough to cover the whole image) and also overplayed some glitch art (google it) over the picture, sometimes merge copying really weird looking examples i got with layer modes, deleting the glitch art layer, and then pasting and then using another layer mode to correlate with rest of the layers. i also screwed with the levels and color balance periodically.
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