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    Aw thanks man! I like yours a lot too!
  2. Griffster26
    Yeah I've been aggressively binge watching it with my sis after we finished Wolf Children and Kuragehime (both excellent btw)

    still debating on what I should get for a halloween avatar (crazy maka or dad from wolf children) + when
  3. Griffster26
    Soul Eater fucking rocks

    I've been planning to get an avatar of Crazy Maka around Halloween
  4. WhichStrider
    Exactly! It's a good cast in the protagonists department, and that's a pretty important thing. How can you like the show if you don't like the main characters? could, but it'd make it a lot harder.

    I was secretly hoping that the witch medusa was basically blackmailing(With her life) would turn around and do the final blow on her or something, but that was my own wish right there, haha. Black star with the syringe and that moment was pretty surprising too..but I should have known that would be the case.
  5. WhichStrider
    Oh man yes, I was thinking the same thing. You actually like the cast and there's no annoying/terrible person out, everyone has their own quirks and it's performed well. As for the Crona comment, yeah that's what would bother me about their character. I understand their past and all, but geez..and Medusa. I liked her, don't get me wrong, but when she pulled the whole "haha I'm back, Dr.Stein never really got me, i'm super powerful", it just got annoying to me.
  6. WhichStrider
    Oh my god, that's the same for me. I was just- feeling all the unneeded stuff pouring in and I got discouraged from going on. Maka is a cutie though, so I'll forgive it all, haha. I was always a fan of Crona too, but I know there are people that don't like the character.
  7. WhichStrider
    Right? Likewise, actually.
  8. WhichStrider
    That makes two of us, actually.. I've been lazy with trying to finish things. I've actually put that on hold with SE for months now..
  9. WhichStrider
    What a happy ending to this quest~<3
  10. WhichStrider
    Because my avatar wasn't perfection yet.
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