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  1. dewd11
    Best poster on Facepunch 2016-2017 and more to come
  2. UnidentifiedFlyingTard
    You could make millions off of salt mining here.
  3. Streecer
    this is an excellent profile page lol
  4. AaronM202
    "Judas - 7 Minutes Ago
    I usually don't like saying it but I literally do not have the time to give a full response to every single person who says anything about me on this forum"

    Well maybe try not acting like a tough cool guy making shit up next time then.
  5. AaronM202
    Mine is and you didnt seem keen on responding to what i said about your opinion on that joke.

    And of the people you CAN respond to:

    You had a wise-ass one liner for Tudd.
    You barely acknowledged anything Intoxicated Spy said, repeating "fuck nazi's", while also calling him a "nazi sympathizer".
    You never responded to Berman Stick.
    You never responded to Jackald.
    You never responded to mooman1080.
    And assuming they're targeting you/your avatar, you never responded to RobL or Idiot.

    And, while GhillieBacca and Guriosity dont have visitor messages enabled, you can still PM them. In fact, GhillieBacca, Guriosity, and Shindiggs seem like the only people who dont have visitor messages. Only one person you cant reply directly to in some fashion, how 'bout that? Huh.

    Dont act like you're hot shit, my man, implying they're cowards when you cant muster up the effort to reply to half of the people posting here to begin with.
  6. Judas
    all these losers dont even have visitor messages enabled on their profiles, its hilarious
  7. ImUnstoppable
    your avatar sure is causing quite a controversy lmao
  8. Tudd
    Such nuanced views, such finesse intellectually.
  9. idiot
    wanna fight
  10. RobL
    you smell
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