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  1. Nick100
    Hey man, is it possible to speak to you about a ripped model you have? ATLAS soldier you posted on that thread a while back. I can take it in a 3D format if need be, no biggie.
  2. Reshy
    I wonder, did you ever find the infested Ariel Hanson model?
  3. RuskJoel1
    Hi there. You do awesome modelling/porting work, so I'd like to hire you to bring a model over to Gmod.
    This is the model I need:
    Give me a shout at if you're interested.
  4. Hogie bear
    Nice Celldweller avatar man. Been a fan of him for a good while.
  5. humzahh
    Hey Deus!

    I was just browsing through the Facepunch Models Ports and Hacks Wip Thread, when I came upon your post asking how to change the projection size on a rt-texture and how to mirror it. I must ask, is it possible you could let me know where to find the models you used in that picture? If you're not sure what I'm talking about, [URL=""]it's this one.[/URL]

    Hope to hear back from you soon!


    - Humzah.
  6. DukeOvilla
    Hey! Deus ex Nihilo!
    I made a facepunch account so I could hop on here and gather some assets I saw, mainly on the "Starcraft 2 Extracted Models Thread". I saw some of the work you did, specifically the Banshee model in SFM, and I'd really appreciate a download, I'd like to use it along with any others I can get in an animation project. So that banshee model you improved and anything else you can provide me or link me to would be great! This is, slightly time intensive. Preferably in source format if possible.

    I PMed you this message as well, trying to make sure you get it.

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks man!!!
  7. gamer9421
    What happend to the black ops 2 turrets ?
  8. dmlxo21
    Hey there, Deus ex Nihilo.
    It's the time to bring up the era of Starcraft 2 models once again, for the glory of the past, and to pursue the endless number of Starcraft 2 models for gmod and SFM.

    Well, screw the old-timer language out. The point is, I've been working on several useful models from WOTL and HOTS, usually background props such as hyperion bridge or marsara bar---even though there's far way and way to go. And I also ported dropship cockpit, 360 degree perfect. Which is actually from WOTL, not HOTS.
    And I know you'd looked for it time ago, and you know you and civil have a lot of goods done so far, how about working on those fancy SC2 models again?
    I apologize if the visit was too sudden or you were still working on them.
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