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  1. JoeSkylynx
    Well fuck them, seriously. They should be investing more into protecting their workers after such an incident.
  2. JoeSkylynx
    Fuck, sorry to hear that :/
    Did the store ever go about adding better protection or did they go cunt-mode about it?
  3. JoeSkylynx
    Never got to ask this by the way, but did they ever catch the guys who held you up at the Post Office?
  4. Reyjr43
    So you're telling me...Roque Vandress from IG is a now transgender and even BIGGER of a FAGGOT than before? Dear fucking lord, I remember when I was a co-owner of IG, aka, "I need a vacation so I'll have you do everything but give you no control over the admins because I'm too insecure to have anyone but me do anything for my dead and steadily dying community of furfags."

    Oh, also, a big point you forgot to touch on was that 13 year old admin also got superadmin for absolutely no reason but being a girl, and she always complained about how she was rejected from everyday society because she wore a collar at school, haydenbinkley is a fucking idiot, and for him to call himself a developer is the most laughable thing I've heard in...forever...? I guarantee you could ask him about the difference between data types and he wouldn't be able to answer it.

    I would add more here but there's a 1k char limit.
  5. Jacob_sword
    Eh, I fucked that up, What I meant to say was I felt really bad about what happened and I just wanted to make amends
  6. Jacob_sword
    Hey, it been a long time since we last talked I hope you can forgive me for what I did that night. But I've learned my lesson. A very hard lesson and was hoping you would give me the chance to show you that I've learned.
  7. Kannata
    is that aa2
  8. ewitwins
    scuze me sir do you know kawaii you were going back there

    I'm gonna need to see some source on that and have you step outta the vehicle, sir.
  9. Adnap
    I speak for the trees
  10. Adnap
    Anime is bad for you :<
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