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  1. Ninja Gnome
    i will now send you an ello (i guess that is what it is called?)
  2. Ninja Gnome
    you are now in the "friend" category. i hope you are excited for new social media !
  3. Ninja Gnome
    i seem to have run into the problem where i dont know who you are on ello this is going to cripple me
  4. Ninja Gnome
    i will add you to the collection also. thank you for your interest. please shop again
  5. absolalone111
    sure brah, im off to bed anyway
  6. absolalone111
    yeah, you want peope lthat will be there for you, and I just want people that aren't lazy shits. I find it hard to confide in people that I know, because I know them. Everyone has problems in life, but they deal with them in different ways. I much preffer talking to people online, or through shit like blahtherapy where my petty shit can remain unheard by anyone I know.
    I guess in the end it all comes down to personal prefference
  7. absolalone111
    I think you're incredibly optimistic, I have friends I can rely on, but htat doesn't make them any less unreliable in a conventional sense. these niggas will listen too, and help me but they sure as shit won't turn up to dnd night at 7:00pm even if i remind them for days
    I haven't cried infront of anyone in a long time, I haven't creid ina long time
    get a load of me edgmaster 3000 over here lol
  8. zurf3r
  9. absolalone111
    dont cry man, embrace your own company, other people are unreliable. If oyu have other things you cry about, tlak about them to people, you've got alot of friends online that would listen to you, if they don't already
  10. absolalone111
    soz brah, if u were here i'd share, until that happens ill toke on my own

    imagine having friends to get blazed with lol
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