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  1. Egon Spengler
    welcome back
  2. Zang-Pog
    Yeah I don't mean it in a mean way or nothing, I know how it's like to be passionate about a thing. Most people aren't that oblivious about the work that goes into animating stuff and even if there are people like that out there, you just gotta try and level with them
  3. Dave_Parker
    Name public (Arabic)
    Facebook public (likes Quran, from Morocco, though admittedly very tame. Especially since the news is now that Driss is claiming his brother stole his ID, but his brothers Facebook page was worse)
    Methodology public (car, guns, hostages)
    Police reported very soon after the attack that, based on intel, they were treating it as a terror attack

    Individually the points don't inherently betray a motive, but connect them together and I think you can say beyond a reasonable doubt why they did this
  4. Dave_Parker
    Me: "yes I had the (relevant) facts"
    You: "You're saying you had all the facts"
    Me: "I never claimed to have all the facts at that point, but I had enough to draw the conclusion of islamic terrorism."

    Keyword, in case it's not clear yet, is the word "all"
  5. Dave_Parker
    It had been at least three hours..

    And I never claimed to have all the facts at that point, but I had enough to draw the conclusion of islamic terrorism.

    But maybe you're just being intentionally dense
  6. Dave_Parker
    I did have the facts, they just weren't posted in the FP thread because FP tends to react less to attacks in non English speaking countries. Was watching Spanish media + global news livestreams. At the time of posting I could be 99% sure. Especially given the [B]other[/B] shit he had posted on his Facebook (even though now it apparently wasn't that guy but his brother), aside from the "it's the Jews!" conspiracy theories.

    Basically I just didn't want to let you get away with trying to frame the attacker as a neo-Nazi when that was obviously not the case.
  7. Dave_Parker
    Sorry for saying that radical islamic terrorism is radical islamic terrorism
  8. Paranoia10
    who is the chick in your avatar?
    im not really into goth looking chicks but she does things to me
  9. jimbobjoe1234
    Just read your post in the Payday thread. I want to wish you and your coworkers well and I hope you all stay safe!
  10. Zukriuchen
    does barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe?
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