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  1. RaraKnight
    So, do you still animate the weapons/characters for Overkill as well?

    Or was I misinformed and you where only ever the trailer animator
  2. ZombieDawgs
    You could start taking a few night classes for CBT based stuff to see if you like it more. Idk if they do night classes for that but it might be worth a shot haha. Try dipping your toes into it before diving head on.
  3. ZombieDawgs
    Where are you working btw? Don't see many professional gamedevs on here.
  4. ZombieDawgs
    Thing is, I don't mind working on computers as long as I'm free to come and go as I want. I hate practically being forced to sit in an office all day, I'd rather move around and do other things in between like go to the gym, play a game or instrument etc.

    Going back to school seems like a big jump in my opinion.

    I always like to look at this way: What do you do outside of work that you look forward to, what consumes your imagination when you're zoning out in the office daydreaming?

    Do that.
  5. Hatley
  6. maddogsamurai
    Update: My SFM animation for my college final drew in some positive comments more than the other submissions during the presentations. Safe to say I passed, but didn't expect the praise.
  7. Robman8908
    I'm glad you liked it. I'm going to probably fuck with it more later just because. Lol.
  8. Robman8908
    I wasted 50 minutes in ms paint to make that fucking joke just to make myself laugh and it was worth every painstaking minute of copy/pasting.
  9. t h e
    Oh hai! I too am glad to see you are around welcome back good sir
  10. Unique_mask
    missed you babe
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