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  1. TheFilmSlacker
    Nah dude, she brags up how much sex she's getting from this new guy all the time, but I take comfort in the fact that she has nothing else to say. There's nothing else there. He's going to get sick of her bullshit real fast and then she's going to be alone.

    Yeah, she'll move on and fuck some other guy but maybe she'll go bankrupt or something idk

    Like dude, he's been having nightmares about getting raped by her and getting an STD from some other guy she's fucked and she just laughs at him whenever he says that he's not doing well. I get that she doesn't love him anymore, but holy shit, he hasn't done one outright cruel thing to her, but it's just endless from her.
  2. TheFilmSlacker
    Three more days, dude. Just waiting for her to go off when she packs her shit this weekend because if anyone says anything, her new boytoy fuck buddy of the week will probably get all violent.

    Whatever. I hope she gets addicted to drugs and ruins her life, and I don't say that about fucking anyone, but my friend is fucked in the head now because of her and is currently 60k in debt because of the shit she made him do while they were together. He's going to be paying that for at least another 7 years, plus over $250 every two weeks on his vehicle that she made him buy.

    Yeah, if she comes knocking at our door after this, we're calling the fucking police. Hope she dies soon. Man, I'm fucking bitter regarding her holy shit
  3. PacifistHeavy
    Glass a cunt
  4. Dom Pyroshark
    I'm gonna call police on you, I'm like 13
  5. Dom Pyroshark
    It's creepy
  6. Dom Pyroshark
    Don't call me cutie
  7. HumanAbyss
    nah go right on ahead
  8. PsycheClops
    Your avatar reminds me a bit of Maximillian Dood.

    I know it's not him, but it's the long hair and beard that resembles him
  9. Mezzokoko

    This might help
  10. OvB
    If you want to get into the really deep stuff, look up commodity trading and find out that oil on ships trades hands multiple times before it reaches a refinery because it's bought and sold by investors as a commodity. Same with natural gas and other petrochem products. There's also a ton of different companies involved in getting the oil from the ground to your car.
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