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  1. snookypookums
    It is done
  2. snookypookums
    Dude your nudies are online : [IMG][/IMG]
  3. Zonesylvania
    I'm just a dude who learned a few things through the school of hard knocks, nothing more. If I can be of some use to someone, I was just in the right place at the right time. But, I do believe that patience is an important lesson to learn early, it can be bitter sometimes but the fruits always end up being sweet
  4. Zonesylvania
    I just decided to let everything go, we may not know what's in store for us but we have to keep going no matter what happens without giving a shit about anyone else. Follow your own road, and if you can't, follow whichever path will eventually give you satisfaction.
  5. Zonesylvania
    my dude you're a pretty good poster in my book
  6. SataniX
    I was referring to my own post I snipped in Forum Discussion btw; it was way more off topic than yours haha. I think you'll be fine though :)
  7. gman003-main
    re: gun shit - So the fictional backstory was that, after increasing sectarianism, rising inequality and years of poor leadership, the United States collapsed into three-ish pieces and some civil war.

    That's not what the story followed. Instead, it looked at the World War III that pretty much has to happen once the Pax Americana comes to an end. The big battles would be eastern Europe (Russian expansion vs. a post-NATO EU defense pact) and the south Pacific (Chinese resource-grabbing).

    The story focus was actually on an ex-American paramilitary group that I can best describe as "if Metal Gear's MSF actually tried to govern and nation-build instead of just shoot people", which ultimately grew into a major faction of its own, mostly because the novel's protagonist was their leader and I couldn't decide if I was writing a focused character drama or a civilization-sweeping supernarrative.
  8. Burre.png
    Made this avi for ya
  9. Ninja Gnome
    you be the judge
  10. sgman91
    He may very well have, but with this many people responding, it's too late to go back.
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