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  1. Tudd
    "I really can't stand some people's opinion and we need to get rid of them cause some people can't control themselves and post civilly."

    Keep up the mantra.
  2. kariko
    Loud froggy!
  3. kariko
    Cute froggy!
  4. Nookyava
  5. Guriosity
    Yet you still think I'm from t_d?
  6. Guriosity
    [QUOTE=joshuadim;52664356]What the fuck is "artifact haze" and "toxic erasures"? Sounds like some made up medical terms from t_d[/QUOTE]

    It's the historical process generates war, inequality, oppressive political systems, corruption, crime, discrimination and genocide.

    There are people in the world who promote it and those who try to reverse it.

    Socrates was the first try to reverse it. What happen is pro toxic Erasure folks tried him and had him convicted. Same shit happened with galileo. Same happened with Martin Luther King. Every time someone tries to make the world a better place, the masses kill them or try to shut them down. This weeds out good sane smart people from the gene pool. Seeing pro Erasure folks love ideas which cause suffering the good ideas get erased destroyed or altered to fit their tastes. Bad ideas become mainstay. 2 + 2 equals five. What truly good is bad. What bad is considered good. This Leads to insanity on a massive scale.
  7. Sgt.Kickass
    Hello,sorry i only saw this message now,i know it is a [I]little bit[/I]too late but although i thank you for your offer i am not interested in joining your thread.Still i appreciate it,
  8. 0xymoron
    Hey, not sure if you care but I saw a post of yours from awhile back while creeping through dead ass threads & you mentioned Halo 2 on the original Xbox.
    I just wanted to let you know that if you still have (or can get) an original Xbox you can easily play Halo 2 online again, there's a program similar to hamachi that allows you to play system link games online, Halo 2 being the most active game with usually ~50 players all day.
    If you decide to check this out just look up "XLink-Kai", you can find the discord @
  9. Zillamaster55
    I'll skip you but not kick you, since you care about the RP. Send pm if you have Qs
  10. Nightfury

    Joshuadim you filthy memer
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