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  1. Winfo
    RTB, hi, it is me, AtlanteadLemuris here to apologize about that crap back a while about the list of crap you said you could not make. Though however, I thought that somehow if you did stumbled upon toys like Trash Bag Bunch, Rocks & Bugs & Things, Outer Space Men, Ultraman and Ultraman Kaiju, or even pacific rim Jaegars and Kaiju, you could try to do this
  2. GiantAlien111
    Just in case if you didn't see the list from the Ultraman post.

    Ultraman List:

    Ultraman Agul.

    Ultraman Seven.

    Ultraman 80.

    Kaiju list:





  3. Vipes
    this person is waypastkool

    Give him lots of stuff and make him feel special :v
  4. Jesus Crits
    Cool. Do you plan on expanding it onto broader horizons? It would be really useful for porting things to GMOD and SFM from unity.
  5. Jesus Crits
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but I skimmed through the godzilla 2014 thread. How are you able to grab unity models with original rigging/bones? Are you using a custom tool?
  6. RTB
    Continuing on from that, most of SBCG4AP past Episode 1, Wallace & Gromit, Back to the Future, Tales from Monkey Island, Sam & Max Season 3, the last two CSI games and the first Poker Night all have compressions in the actual model files, and there's no way I can import those at this moment...
  7. RTB
    It's in a pretty messy state, but I'm able to export most models from Bone, Strong Bad Episode 1, Sam & Max Seasons 1 and 2, the first two CSI games, Law & Order Legacies and Jurassic Park without having to manually input things to get at 'em. I'm not gonna release the script until it imports everything, but I have started uploading the model exports to The Models Resource. (All "Main Characters" except for Homsar, and also Ultimate Strong Bad. The others aren't mine.)

    I haven't figured out how to fix The Walking Dead Seasons 1 or 2, Poker Night 2, or The Wolf Among Us yet, the rigging data is screwy. Sorry no direct links, ran outta characters.
  8. pepsiguy_2
    really didnt wanna bump weeks-old thread but how goes the Telltale MAXScript? I have a few questions and am eagerly awaiting a possible release.
  9. iBall
    Hey, do you know how to make it so tf2 models could have 2 separate colored eyes in SFM? I've tried doing the hole left eye right eye thing in the vmt's a long time ago but nothing seemed to work out.
  10. Cax
    Sorry for the inconvenience xD Do you still have the UMVC3 models that you extracted?
    I was wondering if could you please share with me the Strider hiryu 1P model, because I would like to convert this model to Xnalara-XPS but I don't have it
    Thank you!
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