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  1. The golden
    Oh yeah I forgot. Some people use the terms "MtF" or "FtM" (male to female, female to male) to describe themselves but I personally consider it extremely offensive as it bluntly states a person was previous a certain gender. They are terms largely used for medical purposes but also by people looking to abuse and hurt trans people. Really your best bet is to just ask a person what they want to be called - can't make any mistakes that way.

    You're welcome! <3
  2. The golden
    "Transgender girl" or "Trans woman" or "T-girl" or whatever the person calls themselves is what they have transitioned to. What they were called before isn't really included in that. For that we use other terms like AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth) or simply assigned-male and vise-versa for someone who was assigned-female. Also a persons current gender identity is also retroactive. You always say "before you came out" or "before you found your identity" or something similar instead of saying "back when you were a guy" as it is always proper to assume the person was always their gender the entire time and they just didn't know. It's a respect thing.

    Lemme know if you want to know anything else!
  3. BlackMageMari
    Fair enough points. But it's clear all he is really here for is to bait people into getting themselves banned and to argue his nonsense until everyone is upset.

    Not sure if there should be anything done, but I'm just getting tired of his ridiculousness.
  4. BlackMageMari
    If everyone just put Tudd on ignore I'm fairly sure we'd no longer have to deal with his insanity.
  5. The golden
    Feel free to ask if you have any questions about transgender people and what they do. And also thanks for the chill support in the threads. We need more folks like you who are willing to learn.
  6. snookypookums
    Congrats on the gold! Does it feel all nice and shiny?
  7. MrJazzy
    Didn't notice you got gold, nice bud!
  8. GhillieBacca
    Congratulations on getting gold fam.
  9. Headhumpy

  10. Headhumpy
    important question:

    who is the best?
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