Facepunch Rules

Facepunch Rules

Our forum is unique in that we hand out bans, rather than warnings. Bans are time outs. If you are banned, you can make an appeal in the “Refugee Camp”. Usually you will be unbanned if you apologise and show remorse.

This is not an exhaustive list. There will be individual guidelines for subforums and threads, please refer to these where appropriate.

These are garry’s forums and he can ban whoever he wishes for whatever reason.

Posting Etiquette

Treat others how you would wish to be treated.

Warez is unacceptable. Do not post or ask for links, or brag about Warez.

Ratings are there to complement posts. Do not complain about getting bad ratings. You’re an idiot, deal with it.

If you create a thread (such as a megathread for a video game), you will be expected to maintain the thread, keeping the first post up to date with the latest developments. If you cannot commit to doing this, please leave the thread for somebody else to create.

Please do not create “callout posts”. These are posts calling on users to explain something when the said user has no involvement in the thread (e.g. “DEFEND THIS, TUDD!”)

Do not post whilst under the influence.

Memes are generally not allowed, however there are a few exceptions to this where they have entered popular vocabulary (such as “REE” used in context)

Forum Etiquette

Do not bump old threads unless there is a good reason.

Use [t] tags to create thumbnails of large images.

Use [sp] tags to cover anything that can be considered a spoiler.

If for whatever reason, you are not happy with the way the Moderator Team have conducted themselves, please direct a Private Message to Hezzy or Postal. Do not post about on the forums as it just creates drama.

Not Safe For Work Content

All avatars should be of a standard that is safe for work, meaning no cropped pornography or questionable material.

Pornography is not allowed.

Do not post pictures or videos of;

  • That cat
  • Woks
  • Gore
  • Anime

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