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    March 2010
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    wait wut?


    King of the page kingdom.


    Also, seriously, if the Wii, the icon of family gaming turns into this.. what next?
    I expect an eroge on the kinect.

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    I am incapable
    of understanding
    anything related
    to humor
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    November 2008
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    It's funny because all the 'cool sports guys' in my school slap each others ass' all the time. This game would be great for them!
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    Blocked in my country by Ubisoft, any reuploads?
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    December 2010
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    Great Now I can finally dream of strapping the Wii Remote on my Penis and using it to play games.
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    February 2010
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    Reported to the cyber police.
    Did you backtrace him first?

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    I was nice to a hobo once and he bought me this title
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    May 2010
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    Anyone have a reupload? It's blocked.

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    April 2006
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    The Inception one is way better

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    January 2008
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    Anyone have a reupload? It's blocked.
    You're not missing much. Bunch of actors pretending they like each other and that they're having a good time.

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    March 2009
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    Wii need to go deeper.
    Inside who?

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    November 2006
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    That was the most awkward thing I've seen in a while.