Rules for Film and Television:

Utilization of spoiler tags

Since this section involves the discussion of film and television, spoiler tags will be generally used more often here. There are certain rules however on utilizing them:

You only need to spoiler tag spoilers in the OP/Movie/Television megathread (unless specified otherwise). Read beyond the OP at your own risk. While it is strongly recommended to exhibit courtesy by continuing to spoiler tag content beyond the OP, this is not required unless specified otherwise.
[LIST][*]Spoiler tag abuse here will result in a ban. While abusing spoiler may be allowed in other sections, this is not allowed here and I will see to enforcing it. I don't care if you have to spoiler tag the punchline of your shitty joke to make it funny, you do that here, you get banned.[/LIST]How do I use spoiler tags?:
The code is: [sp][/sp]

For example, typing: [sp]Snape kills Dumbledore[/sp] would produce    Snape kills Dumbledore   


If making a movie/television show megathread, please use search. Also, small questions about a movie/television show are to be posted in the appropriate megathread, do not create a new thread for that sole purpose.


Do not post in a thread just to say that movie/television show is shit. Criticize it correctly:

[LIST=1][*]Why does it suck?[*]What didn't you like about it?[/LIST]Be constructive.