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    April 2011
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    Hello everyone.
    I tried to make a gmod server but it did not work, my friends told me that the server is not responding. So i've tried the following: set sv_lan to 0, sv_region 255 (global) heartbeat and then i restarted my server but with no success. Yet i can see it in the internet tab of the server browser with the gamemod [L]Sandbox.
    I forgot to mention that i have a PPoE internet connection (broadband) and that this issue has appeared after the update from 1 or 2 mouths ago.
    I hope some one can help with this. Thanks.

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    March 2011
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    hmph i've been trying to do the same thing i just want to make a friends only server without the whole rediciulous paying thing, i wish i could help the only time i get to play with my frineds is when i go to there houss and set it on LAN