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    May 2012
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    Ubuntu hardy heron.
    now i am using crunchbang XD

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    June 2011
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    RedHat 6... Boy I feel old.

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    June 2012
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    Ubuntu 12.04...as of 4-5 hours ago.

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    August 2006
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    Ubuntu 5.10 though I didn't really use it until 6.06 released.

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    September 2011
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    Ubuntu 7.04, but it didn't work on my laptop's hardware until 8.04, everything suddenly worked automagically.

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    April 2010
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    Knoppix, though the first the one I installed was Mandrake Linux. Both I played with about 10 years ago so I have no idea what version it was.

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    July 2007
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    Fedora Core (I think 0.98 RC - codename "Severn"?).

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    January 2012
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    Guadalinex, a ubuntu based distro with all kind of applications and stuff.

    It sucks.

  9. Post #209
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    July 2012
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    Ubuntu 10.04 or 9.10. Can't really remember.

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    October 2008
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    knoppix when i was in grade 6 in 2006.
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    April 2009
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    Linux mint but I don't remember which version and when

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    how can you love some-one if you can't eat a brick
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    July 2011
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    I used openSUSE back in 2004, I remember downloading all those damn ISOs over my shitty DSL, then having graphics issues with the setup. Good times.

    After that, I ordered 50 ubuntu CDs (They were free at the time) and used 6.whatever

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    July 2012
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    My very first non-Windows experience was a FreeBSD shell, but my first experience with Linux was on Gentoo and Debian.
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