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    February 2008
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    I dunno who the heck he is, but I drew him anyway.
    I used only 4B and 2B.

    iPod camera quality is sux imo.

    C&C Plz :)

    and this is motion practice

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    August 2008
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    i didn't know you drew - i'm impressed

    good proportions and form on the movement sketches. good values in the portrait
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    I don't even think you can comprehend how not ass damaged i am.
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    August 2009
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    nicely done sir, i like the chiaroscuro you've got there

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    March 2011
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    very nice stuff

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    June 2006
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    It's cool. Glad to see a beginner for once who is ballsy with it's values.

    Now focus more on getting anatomy and shapes right. View drawing from a mirror, take breaks, look from further away etc.