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    April 2011
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    Dear future me,

    make sure you have a girlfriend.
    or i'll fuck you up.

    With love, past me.

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    Ask me to be a movie trailer voice.
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    November 2009
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    Dear me,

    Have you actually done something with yourself over the course of this year? Did you pass the 11th grade? Did you start doing all of those things you said you would, like learning to draw, write, play the piano, and getting your driver's license? Did you stop wallowing around in your complacency? Did you do anything?

    If you did, thank you so much.

    If you didn't, don't you cry about this message. Don't you dare fucking cry. You don't deserve all of the self pity you've given yourself over the course of your life. Get the fuck off of your ass and live.

    Please. Please do this.

    Ever so sincerely,
    The past self.
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    September 2009
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    Shit man, the girl's great but where did you put her now?

    I hope you're still with her...

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    January 2012
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    Hello me,

    you better of got into that college course, i hope you're still friends with school mates.
    you better still have socialist views and finally have you got laid yet?

    If you screw up i will kick your arse, sincerly 2012 me. Dick

    Oh yeah, remember to stay fresh
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    go fart in your brothers face
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    I pleasure myself while wearing Combine armour~~
    May 2010
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    Dear me,

    Get a fucking job you numbnut, and try and fit in to everywhere you go and don't be a miserable prat.


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    February 2010
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    get tons of games in the winter/summer sale, make me proud bitch.


    also get a good gpu and BF3


    love, your past self

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    December 2009
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    Hey you sexy beast,

    how are things? Knowing you, you're probably still being #1 at everything, like you've always been. If you're reading this message, I know you're already the coolest person in the world and everyone loves you. I hope you stay the sexiest man alive.

    With love, yourself.

    Oh wait...

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    November 2011
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    Have a girlmate yet? No? You faggot.

    I'll be surprised if you have more than 20 friends.

    You learnt any of them shitty instruments yet, either? No? Kill yourself.

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    January 2009
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    Dear Future Self,

    How's it going in the future? How does it feel having a past self write to you
    Also, if you haven't already, I'm sick of being a blue after being here for 2 years and 2k posts. Go get me gold, boy! Shell out dem 10 dollars! It's not that much!
    Say, did you get better at Lua by now- er... then? Can you actually script stuff now?
    If they have invented time travel over there, Write me back.

    Your former self, Renegade Master (Or DeliciousBabies, either one really.)

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    April 2010
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    Jesus fucking christ you better be moved out of home by now. you're 19 now. i bet you're still in the same spot as i'm writing this. ps- how much money did you save this year? none? what happened to the plan? you didnt bother? FUCK YOU

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    September 2010
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    Sup Ricey, this is your past ricey. 2011 was really good and you got a lot of your goals done.

    I'd like to see that again but not with slack or bs. Just get shit done. OK?

    I love you, see you in a year.

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    July 2011
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    Dear Richie,

    You smell.....


    Anyways If you're reading this in 2013, congratulations, you've won. You beat the stupid ass class and yeah.

    Have fun with that WiiU if you got one.

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    May 2010
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    I can't believe I am joining the fucking military.I hope it was worth losing her you idiot.
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    February 2010
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    Sure hope you're not dead.

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    November 2007
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    Kindly go fuck yourself.

    Sincerely, The past you

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    February 2010
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    Hey future me, what's up?

    Are you still with that girl? Did you even get anything done in the whole year? Or did you just slack around like a lazy motherfucker like every single other year? Anyway, I hope it's been a good year for you.

    Sincerely, Past me.

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    January 2012
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    I hope you've stopped procrastinating by now, if not you need to stop.

    - Past Marddox.

  19. Post #459
    Dude if you're going to fuck up this year again we two will get a problem, do you understand? Fucking lazy scumbag.


    Past Insy

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    March 2009
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    To moi future self,

    Get a boyfriend or i will beat the shit out of you.

    Love, Kate.

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    October 2010
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    Dear future me,

    Fuck You.
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    March 2010
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    To moi future self,

    Get a boyfriend or i will beat the shit out of you.

    Love, Kate.
    I'll be you boyfriend <3

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    April 2010
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    hi guy
    get off facepunch you probably have homework to do


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    October 2005
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    You better be in Emeryville California right now.

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    May 2009
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    You better have a fucking job and some money right about now, you better have graduated high and gotten with someone half decent. Man up, grow some balls, do all those things you've wanted to do. Practice guitar, be chill and be healthy. And think about college too.

    From your past self...

    PS. Fuck you.

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    April 2005
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    So uh... did anyone actually receive the messages they've sent in 2009-2010?

  27. Post #467
    I love My Cunt Oven
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    August 2010
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    Dear Future me,

    Please tell me you lost some weight. And get a fucking life if you don't have one, you're pathetic.

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    April 2011
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    Dear me...

    I hope you got some more posts.

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    October 2011
    3,760 Posts
    Dear me,

    Get a summer job you lazy cunt.
    And start drawing again if you stopped, it's a good hobby.
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    August 2009
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    You disappoint me; try harder next time. You may have done some impressive things but they're mediocre to my standards.

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    I bought this title for 1 dollar
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    April 2009
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    dear me in 2013,
    are you still having that sedentary lifestyle, you sad excuse for a man? did you befriend anyone in 2012? i can't wait to answer to this
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    November 2007
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    Dear Me,

    Buy more records. And don't get fat.

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    March 2011
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    Yo bro, how's Half-Life 3? Did we buy it on day one like we planned?

    On a more serious note, is Black Mesa: Source released?

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    October 2006
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    Dear future Bredirish123,

    You better not be slacking in your classes. Yeah, you prolly weren't expecting you to nag yourself. Sorry this message isn't more interesting you sad twat.


    Your Egotistical Former Self

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    February 2007
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    Dear me:
    Please for the love of god, tell me you didn't off myself with a sawn off...
    Also I hope you have taken care of your problems health wise..and mentally.

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    February 2011
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    Der me,

    You better study for exams this time fuckwit.

    One year-ago-me

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    Being Nice to people gave me this shitty title
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    April 2011
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    You'll be at the age where you can have a job by the time you see this. You better have one or I will take a time machine to beat the fuck out of you. I guess that actually means that you'll be beating the crap out of me, won't it? Since I (Or you) will have to take it once it's out to beat you (Or me) up. Actually, what the fuck sort of implications can that make? You always see it breaking universes in movies.

    You know what? Just have a job so we won't have to make this a reality.
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    June 2009
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    Dear me,
    ur a faget
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    November 2010
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    Dear me,
    Hope you had a great time coping up for the lost time i accumulated!
    Have fun,
    Past self.

  40. Post #480
    Hey FlashFireSix I hope you didn't fuck up your exams too badly

    get into that fucking photography course as well you prick

    hope you are still with her or I'm gonna punch myself in the dick