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    June 2010
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    Being the fat-asses that we are and taking our free health-care for granted, we decided to make a meal of epic proportions (In laymans terms Epic Meal Time).

    What the meal contained(In order):
    -Assorted Cheeses
    -Pepperoni Pizza (Little Ceasers)
    -Bacon "weave"
    -Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce
    -4 Double Cheeseburger(McDonald's), 3 Jr. McChicken
    -2nd Bacon "weave"
    -2nd Pepperoni Pizza (Little Ceasers)

    That comes out to about....

    5225 Calories!
    and $41(estimated)

    Pictures! (sorry for size)

    I encourage you to do the same if you don't care about your arteries & post pictures of them here, add some fun into the cooking forum.
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    October 2011
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    Woah....thats a monster..

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    March 2007
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    I can feel my arteries clogging up.

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    November 2010
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    I got a heart attack just by looking at it.
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    January 2012
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    Is that even food?

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    July 2008
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    What a waste of perfectly good food. Nothing about this is epic (imo) except the heart attack you'll get.
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    January 2011
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    I made one a while ago.

    "The Angry Acadian"

    it's a french toasted baguette with a shitload of bacon on it, good ol' Canadian poutine, donair meat, 4 different cheeses, ham, onion rings and fried boloney.

    Oh yes.

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    December 2005
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    1 liter of vanilla ice, one liter whipped cream and 20 heartshaped waffles.

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    Oh no, what have I done!
    November 2007
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    Going to make this with my friends.
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