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    Magellanic Stream is a singleplayer action-puzzle map for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It also works in Garry's Mod but HL2: ep2 is required for this map. I highly recommend playing this in HL2:ep2 though. Some things will not work properly in Gmod.


    How to install and play:
    1. Download the file
    2. Use winrar/winzip to open it
    3. Extract the contents to Steam\steamapps\yourname\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\maps
    4. Launch HL2:ep2
    5. Write "map magellanic_stream" in the console and press enter

    Go here if the pictures aren't working: http://imgur.com/a/2laFk#0



    My previous singleplayer maps: (if you liked this one, you might also enjoy these)

    Feedback is appreciated. I hope you all enjoy this map.
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    Looks great, good attention to detail and the lighting is great
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    I'm speechless...and that doesn't happen often.
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    Gah damn it! I knew I should've checked the forum this past week but I had so much on my mind. Good damn thing I check the forums today to find Miigga back with another awesome map. I am downloading this right the hell now!
    Thanks for making my weekend more fun! And also good job on the map, it looks gorgeous! (I will present my thoughts about how it plays later)

    So after I've played it I can say it definitely was a heck load of fun! It had some challenging combat here n there but it was focused on the puzzles. And were those well done! Some good challenging puzzles which require good timing AND a quick trigger finger, some more relaxed and easy puzzles and some nifty surprises. (Dem melons... you made me paranoid of all further supply crates I found in your map...)
    I was however surprised to see you still using those message entities in your map. I expected some signs telling me all I need to know instead. So some custom textures would have helped me to immerse myself more. Yes. Immerse myself in a puzzle map. I found it to be that much fun of a map.

    (Oh and one minor detail, there is the water area with the leeches where the texture for the metal bars has wrong visibility. It was rendered over of the water. Maybe creating a custom texture for that which has a changed vmt to fix the visibility could do all you need to fix that.)

    Aside from that I can't see anything wrong. Fantastic map, definitely crafted with lots of attention to detail and some fun puzzles.
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