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    Dumpster Duke
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    July 2009
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    Amazing detail, well done.

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    Gold Member
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    July 2009
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    Fabulous shading and lighting. Nicely editing with that gag too!

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    AttiC's Avatar
    January 2012
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    The editing...is wonderful.

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    Gold Member
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    August 2011
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    How the hell did you get that much detail, it looks fucking amazing

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    June 2010
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    My god it's beautiful.

    Question: is that facemap a personal one, or is there a place to download it?

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    The Rasta Zombie
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    March 2007
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    "Hey boys, I baked some cookie-..."
    "-Mom! Don't know how to knock? I'm interrogating the suspect!"
    "Okay Steve, you boys play nice."

    Seriously, I thought that the camouflage pants (?) was a dress or someshit. But cool looking pic you got there.
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    January 2005
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    Very nice.