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    January 2011
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    Bump :
    My father forgot to buy the TX3 on the internet, good for me :D
    Im gonna buy a new case first, and then a Hyper 212, but wich case is good for not more then 60 euro's?

    I care about the airflow, not build quality or something.
    I now own a samurai zz cpu heatsink, so holes in the side panel would be good too, and a fan that leads cold air towards the GPU.

    Would be good if the fans are included, because i only own a 80mm fan now, and more fans cost more money.

    Are there fans included in the HAF 912?

    Edit : Fuck, the HAF 912 costs 70 euros here, not included the shipping

    Here just a list of nice cases i already found :

    Sharkoon T9 Value
    Thermaltake V3 Black Edition
    Aerocool Strike-X ONE
    BitFenix Outlaw
    BitFenix Merc Alpha
    BitFenix Merc Beta
    NZXT 210 Elite
    NZXT Beta Evo (Really love the look of it)

    Any opinions on these?

    Edit : Nvm, im making a new topic because this one is not really what the title says