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    July 2009
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    I made a silly swingset on ctf_2fort and welded the Medic onto it, then made him look scared with faceposer. I then proceeded to make awful poses and scenes on the rest of the map with more TF2 ragdolls. At the time, I didn't know you could rotate things with the Physgun, so alot of the ragdolls heads were looking upward and the hands and feet were horribly positioned.

    Ahhh...those were the days...

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    January 2011
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    First thing I did? Join Multiplayer, ask what "Those errors" were. Get told to download PHX and Wiremod.

    And fiddle with it for five hours trying to figure out SVN because I read a post that said to "always use SVN downloads, anything else is out of date and broken."

    Oh, after that?
    Spawn a few props, axis'd together some others. Put a balloon on top, some thrusters...

    Turned out to be a skating robot with an opening cockpit. And still, to this day, about three, four years later.

    Fucking mecha in Garry's Mod confuses the shit out of me.

    Then again, it probably does not help that most of my time was spent doing random things and talking with my new friends on Garry's Mod. Mainly, socializing and dicking around.

    Like so.

    (Sorry about the size, it's straight from Steam's cloud.)

    And before you ask, no.
    It was "Sit with Alyx" day, apparently.
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    I'm living in the Best Korea. 사랑해요 김치맨!
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    December 2008
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    I pirated gmod then.
    and I loved nuke.
    and crashing my computer with blue screen.
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    May 2012
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    Killed a bunch of NPCs, explored map and certain tools.

    Now I'm raging at garry'smod.org.

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    June 2010
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    downloaded hundreds of addons that I knew I would never use, but wanted them anyway.

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    May 2012
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    my first (FORMAL) creation was a hover car that I need to push to get through (flintstones, anyone?) and jump up with something to catch my butt and relax as I watch it zip through the map :D
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    I pushed all the buttons in the gm_construct spawn panel to figure out what everything spawned, then dicked around with ragdolls and watermelons.

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    July 2011
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    I made a boat and put heaps of ragdolls in it and started shooting them, making them look like bodies.

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    June 2012
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    Tried to pose TF2 ragdolls thoughtlessly, forgive me.
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    May 2012
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    I wonder what Garry's first creation was...

    This first thing I did was go into ToyBox and fuck around with it.
    me 2
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    June 2012
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    I typed in rustybullethole
    Ragequitted and said to myself "Fuck, this game sucks"
    since i didn't understand it
    and I still dont
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    January 2012
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    I went to gm_construct and i spawned props, lots of them! Then i wonder why there isen't a wire system. Then I googled a bit, and, WOW! There's a wiremod!!


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    I LOVE Grand Theft Auto
    July 2010
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    I tried to make a Rocket ship out of flammable barrels and the elastic tool, Didn't go so good.

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    April 2011
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    dildojeep, anyone?
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    Deal with it
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    January 2012
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    I tried to make a Garrys mod map, just by using props and freezing them with the Physgun.
    It did not make out well.

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    April 2012
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    It was my first time with the Source Engine, and I was playing with the damage system and as such I spawned a ton of Alyxs then beat the hell out of them.
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    May 2010
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    Sadly i gave everything boners, then felt bad after giving father gregori a boner so i put a head crab on it

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    October 2011
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    I did lots of things when I was new, and I am now going to detail some of them here...

    1. I spammed those breakable props, thinking they were impressive to zap with a handheld vaporizer gun addon. Mind you it was one of the most impressive displays I'd ever seen.

    2. Made an office chair and stuck 6 thrusters on it. Then held on for the ride...

    3. Made an Airboat and put balloons on it. (I didn't know about hoverballs or wiremod)

    4. Spammed, spammed, spammed and spammed...

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    April 2012
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    I Was a mingebag a huge mingebag
    but all i do is fuck around with props and sometimes fuck with other people