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    Thanks guys, I think I will make the Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone my next smartphone.
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    So I reformat my desktop because I like reformatting every few months, and I go over to my laptop to do it and my Windows 7 DVD just goes missing. So then I download a ISO from MDL (I own Windows 7 so yeah) and reformat my laptop and install Windows 7. For a while everything was okay and nothing was using any major usage, but after using Ninite and installing AMD drivers, my laptop's fan goes into full leafblower mode and all my papers fly off of my desk. Mind you this has NEVER happened before. So I turn it off and I go to my desktop and play some games and it has no problem at all, fans are at 50% and everything is fast and snappy. So then I go back to my laptop and open Task Manager and I see the CPU usage is at 100% usage. Nothing is open but explorer.exe which is using only like 1% of CPU usage.

    I am so confused right now. I am running Ubuntu right now and everything is fine and my fan is not going full leafblower mode.

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    well, if I had to guess I would have to say its a bad driver. Could be broken power management, among other things. I would uninstall the AMD drivers and download the most recent one that is available from the laptop manufacturer's website, even if it is not recent.

    Problems like this are why installing operating systems is a chore I prefer to perform as few times as possible, whether it be windows, or *nix
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