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    March 2012
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    i have noticed that, despite the great potential, especially with great wiremodders and racing mods, there have been very few attempts on making a wipeout-style craft, currently, the best attempt on this was made by mandrac
    , but as we can see, this hasn't been popular, so i request this:
    make an e2 chip or addon that permits wipeout-style ships
    it must not be complicated, since it could create faults
    unique models are optional

    here's a source video to aim at
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    January 2011
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    I made a driveable F-Zero Blue Falcon with lua earlier but I forgot what I did with it

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    February 2008
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    huh a topic about my video :D
    i made much more models since the video:

    i atempted to make those one
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    January 2013
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    July 2008
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    This would probably make a epic gamemode also it is something completely different than all the darkdm's