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    Well the actual sexuality is one thing, but I could see how being open about it might be called a "lifestyle choice", at least until the rest of the world grows up and accepts all sexuality/gender as "normal"

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    I don't think this is a hate crime since it's quite clear the murderer got some head off the gay pageant winner.

    (User was banned for this post ("Shitposting" - Starpluck))
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    because certain people haven't evolved into a individual
    I know it's fucked up but we are more evolved than any other.

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    I wonder when scientists will prove homosexuality isn't a choice, so we can stop this sort of thing happening?
    This will only change the argument from "They are bad people because they are choosing to be gay" to "They are defective people because they were born gay"

    If you don't like homosexuals, You aren't going to like them no matter what happens.

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    This is pretty surprising in South Africa, the only African country with gay marriage (in most of them homosexuality is illegal)
    Just because it's in the law doesn't mean the majority of the populace supports it

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    Being 3 times the size of everyone really helps when coming out the closet, Just loom over them menacingly if someone has a problem with you.
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