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    June 2012
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    Hi guys.

    This last weekend I stumbled onto the uber exciting encounter with Garrysmod. I manged to install a few models after much reading and searching and I don't learn so easy. This thing Garry's put together is awesome!

    I have googled a-plenty on how to make my own models since ultimately I'd Like to contribute to the cause and bring forth something new and great. So far what I've pulled up for tutorials looks bleak and difficult for me to follow, examples:



    After trying to get some of the tools configured, and failing I thought there must be a newer better way than these old show-me-hows.

    So, please let me know what instructions anyone has made or found that might get me close to importing an obj file into 3ds max and getting that into Garry's mod. Thanks everyone who helps!

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    If you have access to 3ds max (and if not...its very easy to get a student copy, even if you are not a student).


    There are videos on the site explaining how to configure and use them.