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    June 2011
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    So I noticed a lot of my friends actually wanted something like spawn protection, so I made it. It is nothing fancy, just something I whipped up. I am going to be making a more custom one later.

    This is an addon that will allow players to take no damage upon spawn. People with spawn protection will not be able to damage others and others will not be able to damage them. You can change the duration, material of player while protected, protection text for the HUD, and HUD colors via the config file. You can even make your own HUD if you so desire.

    Here are some pictures:
    Turret shooting while protected
    Basic HUD notification
    Dead after spawn protection is over (pointless but lol)

    Garrysmod.org: Download

    Let me know if it needs anything!
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    September 2009
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    Awesome, great to take down some mass spawn killing. Thanks!