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    November 2011
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    Hey guys, I thought I'd just post this tutorial I just published which details how to create stop motion movies in SFM. I feel like this is useful for anyone looking to transition from one program to the other or someone who wants to keep making Garry's Mod-style videos but with a quality boost. Leave me a comment if I helped you out!

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    May 2009
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    -snip, nevermind

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    April 2010
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    sounds interesting. personally hope more gmod video users switch to SFM because i gotta be brutally honest most gmod based videos are incredibly stupid and the whole twisted facce poses kind of gets old after a while. But then they did give us doctor hax so.. guess i cant complain too much. i think gmod is better as a social playground rather then a full on "movie making" toolset :-).

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    September 2013
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    Oh for fuck's sake... Just WHY do people keep removing useful tutotials!!! Someone help, I would've really needed this