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    July 2012
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    Hi guys,
    I am new to Lua an have been creating my own gamemode. I have gotten load outs and starting things working but I want to know how, for example,
    I could add CSS guns into my map, like for my Runner load out, he has the Hl2 pistol and 25 bullets, and I want to replace this with a five seven and 25 bullets.

    I am also having some trouble with player models for different loadouts. For example,I have all the classes, but the code for the different player models doesnt do anything. how can I bypass this issue?
    Yes, I do have CSS :)

    *i will add the code in the morning

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    There are hooks for this.
    PlayerModel hook:

    For adding guns in your map you could use this.
    InitPostEntity(for map startup):

    Or just make an entity with:

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    July 2012
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    Thanks so much! Sorry I couldn't reply cause of site traffic.
    Cya 'round!