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    July 2012
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    It gets stuck on 'Preparing to launch tf2' so I tried verifying game cache but it just gets stuck at 0%. I am afraid to re-install anything or change any of the files because it took me forever to set up tf2idle software and the last thing I want to do is screw that up.

    This happened this morning, after mvm was released - after the mvm patch. I've been able to fix the problem when it gets stuck at 100% simply by waiting. But 5+ hours is long enough.

    Any ideas?

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    Make sure its uninstalled from steam first.
    Then go to steamapps/your username/team fortress 2 and delete it from there.
    also the GCF files.

    it will completely wipe everything but re install everything new.

    I also suggest saving your tf2ilde stuff before all of this so you can put it back with all its settings.
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