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    Steam ID differs from the one on steam rep since its hasn't updated for some reason

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    good luck to all of you, honorable bunch of meat popsicles with a vast and diverse internal beauty waiting for the love of your lifes.
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    Shark tits are best tits
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    First page (To post #40) has been or will be invited in the next 10min. If you haven't received an invite, let me know.

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    How long can people join?

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    How long can people join?
    What do you mean?

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    What do you mean?
    when do signups close?

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    when do signups close?
    Just confused at the question seeing the TF2R link shows the exact time.

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    I sell Bot Doggers and Bot Dogger accessories
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    I can win dis!

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    Thanks for doing this once again!!

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    Up to above message (post #79) has been invited or will be invited within the next 30min. Like my previous batch reply, if you haven't received it let me know.