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    So, I installed the Fall Creators update today, and I must say this was one of my worst computer experiences ever.
    I wasted half the day trying to find a way to fix stuttering in games and audio popping (audio popping issues I had already fixed after an update some 2 months ago), but nothing worked.
    Thank fuck for the rollback option.

    Had a similar stuttering issue on my desktop, although it was fine on both laptops, but it affected windows in general, most notable when scrolling or watching videos in firefox. I spent a few days trying to fix it, even tried a fresh install, but nothing worked. I'm assuming it's a driver issue.

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    checked DPC latency ?

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    Is there a fool proof way to edit what shows up in the right click menu when I right click on a folder? Theres a big ass section that Inventor added when I installed and I've followed a few tutorials with varying degree.

    Heres what I'm trying to get rid of
    It's in the registry, exactly where I don't remember, but it's the certain folder which holds values for every extension type tracked my the system. They can add items to the shell from these registry folders, do depending on where you're clicking (maybe a folder, or all items), will be where to look within the navigator